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Dallas Taxi Accident Lawyer

In Dallas, residents and visitors frequently call on local cab services to avoid parking fees at DFW and Love Field airports, to avoid DUIs, and to travel around town during major events, conventions, and conferences. Most of the time, taxis provide a safe, affordable, and convenient way to travel in and around Dallas.

Your Dallas Taxi Accident Attorney

Dallas is home to many different cab companies including Henry’s Cab Service, Cowboy Cab, Yellow Cab, and Dallas Taxi. Most companies strive to deliver a safe ride experience for their customers, but accidents can and do happen. Whether a taxi caused your accident or you were in a taxi when an accident occurred, remember Fielding Law. We handle all accidents involving taxi cabs in Dallas.

To learn more about your legal options after a taxi accident, contact our Dallas Car Accident lawyers today for a free consultation. (214) 661-1537 We are open 24/7

Taxis, unfortunately, are not immune to risks on the roadways. Taxi drivers and other vehicle drivers make mistakes every day. Vehicles malfunction, and road construction crews sometimes create hazards instead of preventing them. When taxis crash, our Dallas injury lawyer at Fielding Law are here to help injury victims navigate the complexities of the law and secure fair compensation for their losses.

Human Errors That Contribute to Taxi Accidents in Dallas

While taxi accidents can happen as the result of an auto defect or hazardous condition, most accidents in Dallas happen because of human error. Some of the most negligent driving behaviors that can contribute to taxi accidents include:

  • Intoxication. Taxi drivers and passenger vehicle drivers put peoples’ lives at risk when they choose to drive drunk on Dallas roadways or under the influence of drugs.
  • Distraction. Cell phone use, inattention, and other distractions can take a driver’s attention away from the road long enough to cause serious rear-end or head-on collisions, and more.
  • Poor business practices. When taxi drivers receive an unfair wage, they are more likely to rush to pick up more passengers and behave recklessly. Some taxi companies provide poor training for their drivers. These poor business practices can increase the risk of a taxi crashing on the roadways.

Understanding the causes of taxi accidents in Dallas is the first step in securing fair compensation. In preventable taxi accidents, many different parties may face liability.

Liability in Taxi Accidents

Texas uses the doctrine of modified comparative negligence to determine fault in vehicle accident cases. Under the rule, anyone more than 50% at fault cannot recover compensation. Assigning fault in taxi accidents often requires a detailed investigation into the incident to determine contributing factors and liability.

The following parties may face liability for a taxi accident in Dallas:

  • The taxi driver. If the driver was not behaving within his or her scope of employment at the time of the accident, you may hold the professional driver responsible for resulting injuries.
  • The taxi company. In most cases involving at-fault taxi drivers, the taxi company is liable for the accident. Employers are responsible for vetting and training taxi drivers, for maintaining fleet vehicles, and for adhering to all applicable state regulations. If the taxi company’s failure contributed to the incident, it may shoulder liability for all injuries.
  • Other drivers. Taxi drivers are not always the at-fault party in accidents. Passenger vehicle drivers, commercial vehicle drivers, and others may crash into taxis, injuring the driver and any passengers in transit.
  • Auto manufacturers. When auto defects contribute to taxi accidents, injured individuals may file a claim against the manufacturer for its role in the incident.

Taxi accident claims may name one or more defendants, depending on the situation. At Fielding Law, we represent injured taxi passengers, other vehicle drivers and passengers, taxi drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists in taxi-related accident claims.